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Hi, many of you know me as DJ Sheba but I have opted to change things up a bit and work under a show name instead. I had started to feel like I was stuck in a creative rut and this has opened up a plethora of pickly possibilities to make my shows even more entertaining! I currently have 3 shows per week so that gives us plenty of time to invade various clubs on SL and party the night away!


What are the Flying Pickles? Flying Pickles have been my sona's minions/pets since I was in high school ( way before I was ever on SL). In their backstory, my sona stumbles upon them on a local island and ends up saving some of them and the little pranksters make her their queen. They follow her around everywhere but sometimes cause all sorts of mischief. The Flying Pickles are also not edible, they are not really pickles at all at least not in the food sense, they just kind of look like them. I will try to add more information about them here in the future.

I have over 9 years experience as a Broadcaster on SL and on online radio. 

Work History:

SL16B 2019 - 1 set

The Golden Cuffs - DJ
Furry Fashion - DJ
SC Holdings - DJ
SL15B 2018 - 1 set
Sonic Reactor- DJ
Joysticks retro arcade and Furry Lounge- DJ
SL14B 2017- 3 DJ sets
PuP- GM / DJ
Blu Yiff - DJ Manager / DJ
Elite Seduction - DJ

Cryocube- cover DJ
FAP- DJ/ Manager/ Co-owner
WolfCat Lounge - DJ

Furnication - DJ and DJ Manager
Furrotica - DJ/ manager
Atlantean Fur - DJ
Alter Ego - DJ
Tail Raiser - DJ
Supreme Beast Cavern - DJ 

Clubs that the Flying Pickles Invade
Snapshot_003 (3).png
Dragon Yiff Club

DYC is one of the older clubs on SL and has existed in one form or another long before I ever joined SL! It was the first club that I ever worked at and working here always feels like I am coming home.

Snapshot_012 (2).png
Montecito Bay

Home base of the Flying Pickle Lounge, Montecito Bay is one heck of an awesome sim. This sim has a unique spin on SL club scene! Instead of one main club they have multiple venues for parties so I can match the venue I want to play at with the music I am feeling like playing!

Snapshot_005 (3).png
The Golden Cuffs Dance Club

This awesome club came back to SL after being closed for a long while, the club build has an awesome jazz club feel to it! I am so glad that they are back and I get to party with so many of my old SL friends!

Update: This club has currently hopped grids and is undergoing a rework.

The Yiff Spot

Once a week we rule over the Yiff Spots lagoon to decree that it is time to party!

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